You are not just restoring a classic car, you are restoring individuality!

You are not just restoring a classic car, you are restoring individuality!

As a small boy in a small town in Iowa in the 1960s, I was always excited come September, not for school, but for the release of the new cars Detroit rolled out each year. There was a car transport driver who lived in my town and this is where I would get a  peek at the new Fords that were getting shipped to the dealerships in Des Moines. If I rode my bike a little farther, I could see them getting shipped by train, but I had to look fast! This was a time where seeing the new models was a much-celebrated event, not just for me but for anyone who lived the Detroit dream of owning one of those fantastic cars!

Gone are the days where cars were different from each other, where you could walk into a Chevrolet dealership and order a Belair exactly the way you wanted. Where driving was considered "motoring" and people had a true love and passion for the cars they bought. Where you could listen to someone next door start their car and you knew what they owned just by the sound of their engines. (Starter motors sounded different, I could tell a Ford from a Chevy from a Mopar just by how they started.)

The cars of the 21st Century are overpriced, over optioned vehicles that, except for some exceptions, are identical to one another. Buying one is about as exciting as buying a new washing machine. Most likely they will end up in a U-Pull yard in 10 years because the electronics will become too expensive to fix. Self driving cars? Really? Save yourself 40 grand and ride the bus. And I highly doubt that people are going to flock to the Mecum Auction in 20 years to bid on someone's newly restored  2020 Ford Fusion.

For those of us that share a love and passion for Detroit Iron from the 20th Century, we are truly preserving a piece of time that we can never get back. We have a desire (and a duty) to preserve these artifacts and save ourselves from being swept up by a wave of mediocrity.

Our hobby has evolved from a backyard project to Automotive Archeology. Lets do what we can to save the dinosaurs!

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